The Architect's Newspaper

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The Architect’s Newspaper is looking like a great find.  The blog also seems to be very worthwhile.  Apparently, there is a New York edition to the newspaper and a California edition…  I’m not sure where Salt Lake City was forgotten, but BIG mistake.  I found myself cruising through their blog for quite a while.

Rolling Architecture… The Motorhome

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My wife and I just back from a delightful vacation to Jackson, Wyoming.  It was quite the drive, but my brother and sister-in-law let us borrow their sweet motorhome.  It made the trip even that much better, and it got me thinking about a “modern” sort of motorhome.  Check out the Knaus S-Liner.  I can’t believe how cool the pics are.  I can’t believe what a nightmare it would be to drive in traffic.

Keratuer Doors

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I sure wish that I could read German.  The website for Keratuer Doors that I found was only in German- bummer.  I think it’s very refreshing to see a new take on the door, and I’ve yet to find a company that does it as well as Keratuer.

Home Theater

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Said to have cost about $3.4 million this theater is worth more than most of us make in 30 years, but who doesn’t need 24 12-inch sub-woofers??  I’m a huge fan of home theaters, but obviously they don’t have to be this extreme.  I like how dark the rooms are and how clear the sound is, but with two little girls growing up I’d have to put a turret mounted machine gun in mine.

LEED Certified Stucco

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So I’m searching for some LEED certified stucco and I happened upon this little number.  One of my favorite things is when I look at a house and wonder, “How is that not falling down?”  I’m not so sure about whatever the roofline is doing, but I think the house is fantastic.  Any ideas on the architect??  Anyway, there are a few LEED certified stuccos out there if that’s your thing- Stucco Italiano and El Rey Stucco to name a few.

Great Pools

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photo via Outrigger Hotels

photo via Outrigger Hotels

Last night I went to a party for my brother, who just got married, and we went to his in-law’s house where they had a pool.  Seeing the pool got me thinking about all of the great possibilities.  Check out this great pic of an Outrigger Hotel in Bali (Turns out Outrigger has some of the most fantastic hotels I’ve ever seen, but that’s beside the point).  I even googled “modern pools” and got some pretty good results.  Anyone seen a really great pool lately??  I’m wondering what it is that defines a great-looking, functional pool.

4c Design Group

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In the Spring, I worked on a project that was designed by a firm called 4c Design Group.  They’re a local firm (out of Park City), but they also have an office in Los Angeles.  The second house in the “residential” section of their website is just off of Wasatch Boulevard, in Sandy, and my wife and I always got giddy as we drove past it being built.  I couldn’t really find any other info on them besides their website, but they’ve done some cool projects.  Check out their website here.

Happy 4th- Jasper Johns

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Sorry for the long absence.  I’m back though.  And nothing says “the Fourth of July” like a Jasper Johns painting.  Even though the painting may have been a little tongue-in-cheek, and even though we have our faults as a country, may I express that I am proud to be an American.  I hope we take this time of year to celebrate our forefather’s declaration that they would take on their own challenges, solve their own problems, and walk to the beat of their own drum.  I hope we commit ourselves to that same ideal and as one nation, under God, truly become indivisible.

Floor Plan Websites

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Buying a set of floor plans off of the internet is one of the least expensive way to get your house designed.  Of course, the logistics of making it personal, working with a tricky lot, and adjusting the size of anything get really ugly.  You can search the internet for about 20 minutes and get access to about 75,000 floor plans.  It’s pretty safe to assume that some of these are duplicates, but who really has the time to look through 75,000 plans??  The websites that I’m referring to are nationally advertising companies, but locally there are probably a few options as well.  A few years ago I worked for an architect named James Carroll, and he has a similar idea on his website.  So if you’re one of the lucky few who is planning on building a house in the near future, if you can find what you want, internet plans are a good way to go.  For a few examples check out: (though not spectacular has the best “contemporary” grouping I could find) –

Richard Meier Chair

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photo via

So I had no idea that Richard Meier had designed a chair.  It is no surprise that it looks fantastic and was designed in 1983.  It was only built for five years.

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