HOK Architects

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HOK Architects.

Throwback Thursday: Richard Neutra's Singleton House

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Photos: Todd Eberle

I was pleased as punch this week to find a Richard Neutra house in the latest Architectural Digest.  The Singleton House had been found in poor repair on Mulholland Drive, and was purchased by none other than Vidal Sassoon and his wife Ronnie.  They did a beautiful job remodeling and restoring the home (using Neutra’s own “vocabulary and materials”), and when Ronnie was asked what she had to say about some “purists” that were criticizing them for moving walls, etc. she responded:

Unless the house is a museum, or you only spend a few weeks a year there, you just can’t live this way today.  And given how valuable the land is, the house would have been torn down.

Not a bad point Ronnie, not a bad point.  And how about that steely-marble sculpture??

Marcio Kogan's Ilhabela House

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Marcio Kogan.

Steve Hermann Design

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Check out Steve Hermann Design for more pics.  Turn down your volume to avoid cheesy music.

The London Velodrome

The London Velodrome by Hopkins Architects, getting ready for 2012 Olympics.

Throwback Thursday: TAC's Wayland High School to be Razed

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Anderson also pressed for the town to pay more taxes for the school’s construction. In a letter from The Wayland-Weston Town Crier, he said, “Because of spiraling costs, all we’re doing now educationally is holding our own and hanging on to what we have. At this rate we’re not going to make any dramatic improvements. And yet, the taxes we pay for our schools are certainly high enough.”

The Town Crier added,

Fundamental to the problem is the relative values we place on education as contracted to material possessions. We each spend at least $1000 a year on our car, but only $340 annually for the education of each child in Town. We are quite content to allow billions to be sunk in TV and advertising, and our tax structure provides for this kind of spending. Yet if education is as important as we say, we better find some way to give it the real financial support it needs.”

Cambridge Consultants, Inc. of Boston, Educational Consultants, were hired to help the town determine what educational changes and structural changes were needed to make the new high school better than the last.

Wayland High School’s open campus was designed by Herbert Gallagher and John “Chip” Harkness of The Architects’ Collaborative; the two were assisted by the renowned architectWalter Gropius. The School Building Committee interviewed 10 architectural firms before finally making its decision.

Quoted above is an excerpt from an article about some of the ideas behind hiring Walter Gropius to design a High School.  I think the argument is still valid.  The school’s building committee made the decision is 2009 to tear the building down.

Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten

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Grosfeld van der Velde.

Perkins + Will

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The architectural firm Perkins + Will has been around for 75 years now, they also recently completed Dockside Green Phase Two Balance which marked their 100th LEED certification.  While we posted a while ago on one of their buildings that doesn’t quite qualify for “green,” they are known around the world to be one of the greenest firms around.

Foster and Partners Modern Hospital

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Foster and Partners modern hospital in Bath, UK.  My wife and I just had a baby so medical care is on my mind:)

2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates

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I realized today that I didn’t know who had won the 2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize.  There names are Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.  Congrats to them, and check some of their work here.

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