Teragren Bamboo

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Beautiful products, tons of environmental advantages and LEED credits to boot.  Check out Teragren for more info.

Emergency Support for Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

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Shigeru Ban is known for disaster relief projects, finding appropriate local solutions for the Kobe earthquake (1995) and the tsunami in Sri Lanka (2007), among others. For last weekend’s earthquake and tsunami in his home country, he is deploying the latest investigation: a paper partition system for gymnasiums and other large spaces used to shelter people after natural disasters. The main goal is privacy. As Ban describes it in Matter in the Floating World by Blaine Brownell, “A few days [in a gymnasium] are OK, but after a week or a few weeks people really suffer, because there is no privacy between families.” The system primarily uses paper honeycomb board and cardboard tubes.

[PAPER PARTITION SYSTEM – Fukuoka, Japan, 2005 and Fujisawa, Japan, 2006 | image source]

From Shigeru Ban Architects’ web page:

On March 11, 2011, 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific coast of Tohoku, JAPAN.

We are currently preparing to deploy simple partitions for evacuees taking shelter at gymnasiums in the Tohoku region.

From now on, for people taking shelter in these sites, it is necessary to avoid distress from the lack of privacy and high density.

We ask for your support of this important disaster relief endeavor.

Donations made to the [bank account with information listed on his web page] are very much appreciated.

People interested in donating can also click over to Architecture for Humanity and Red Cross.

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Throwback Thursday: Lloyd's Building

Lloyd’s Building by Richard Rogers.  It’s not too far back to 1978, but I love the building so much that I threw it in anyway.  Most of the mechanics of the building are placed on the exterior to keep the inside as open as possible.

Kaldewei Bath

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Kaldewei.  Absolutely beautiful shower pan.

Velux No Leak Skylights

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The deck mounted product family of skylights from Velux is now designated The No Leak Skylight. In addition to the three layers of water protection the skylights now feature LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes for improved solar heat gain performance and money saving pre-finished white frames and sashes.  Velux is promising no leaks or worries and offers a ten-year installation warranty plus 20 years on the glass.  The skylights are available with electrical venting or manual venting or they can be fixed.  Additionally there are accessories available such as blinds, screens, controls and security locks. These skylights are great for all climate regions of the US and impact glazing is available for hurricane-prone areas.

Velux USA

Very cool picture.  This whole post has been pirated from Materials and Sources.


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I just discovered Nyloboard, and I’m really warming up to the idea.  It’s a product that can be made into decking; trim for soffit, fascia and exterior decoration; engineered flooring; a plywood replacement; a drywall replacement; signs and garage doors.  Also “Nyloboard is moisture, mildew, mold, rot, and termite proof.”  All that, and it’s made from 100% recycled carpet fibers.  Nyloboard is one of those products that I wish I had invented.

Custom-Bilt Metals' FusionSolar

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As solar panels become more popular in the U.S. (the residential market doubled in 2009) companies are finding creative ways to cope with some of the issues inherent to their products.  One of the current trends is to build solar panels that look like roofing tiles.  There are Spanish bar-tile solar panels and asphalt shingle solar panels, but my favorite is Custom-Bilt’s standing seam metal roof solar panel.  Designed to almost disappear in the channels of the standing seam roof so as not to be seen, we can have our cake and eat it too.  Check out their website for more info.

KCM Design's Shipping Container House in Utah

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Although the design is not-so-modern, the concept is wonderful.  I don’t know much about the whole process, but if the shipping containers were going to be chucked in the garbage can I think recycling them is wonderful.  We can always use more modern homes here in Utah- plus the music is awesome.

Shigeru Ban Architects Paper-Tube Structures

Shigeru Ban Architects is quickly becoming one of my favorite  architecture firms.  Besides designing beautiful houses, commercial projects, disaster relief projects and churches; they have become, what seems to be, experts in paper-tube structures.  The third picture from the bottom is the world’s first paper-tube space frame, built in 2006.  Their paper-tube structures are most impressive because they are so innovative as well as designed beautifully.  My favorite is pictured last- the owner of this Library of a Poet “felt that a paper library would be best suited to house paper books.”

Climate Master Geothermal Products

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On ClimateMaster’s website there is a simple savings calculator that can be used to estimate savings with their products installed, and with a little bit of info about my house and location it estimated my savings would be just under 50%.  I’m a huge fan of geothermal technology.  Here’s a quote about the- top of the line- Tranquility 27 Series geothermal heat pump system:

The Tranquility 27® Series provides you the MOST energy savings of any space conditioning system available. The advanced two-stage compressor and variable speed fan maximize efficiency while EarthPure® Ozone Safe refrigerant provides unprecedented environmental protection. The system is engineered for quiet, efficient operation and comes in multiple capacities and a variety of configurations.

Featuring the latest in geothermal heat pump technology, the Tranquility 27® Series delivers comfortable, environmentally responsible heating and cooling plus savings on your utility bills.

ClimateMaster is a proud Energy Star Partner

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