A Tribute to 3form

February 16, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized 

So I have this quest to find the sweetest architectural products out there, and create a resource for architects to use- when the need arises.  I posted about a week ago on recycled roofing, but today’s post is more like a tribute.  3form is local company (located at 2300 South 2300 West, Suite B, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119), and they have been “working hard,” as the CEO says, “to produce beautiful, high quality materials using fewer natural resources and less energy.”  We all know that they produce beautiful products (this picture is from the US Green Building Council LEED Platinum Corporate Headquarters), but they have also created their “Path to Zero” campaign.  This means that they will “stop sending manufacturing waste to landfills by April 2009.”  They also plan to be carbon neutral by 2017, they are using “garbage” in their products to make them more environmentally friendly, and they purchased wind power equivalent to all of their office energy use.   If you have a minute, watch the video about their “Path to Zero,” and let’s all support local, green, spectacular products.


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