Throwback Thursday: Richard Neutra's Singleton House

March 10, 2011 · Posted in Architects, Modern Design, Throwbacks 

Photos: Todd Eberle

I was pleased as punch this week to find a Richard Neutra house in the latest Architectural Digest.  The Singleton House had been found in poor repair on Mulholland Drive, and was purchased by none other than Vidal Sassoon and his wife Ronnie.  They did a beautiful job remodeling and restoring the home (using Neutra’s own “vocabulary and materials”), and when Ronnie was asked what she had to say about some “purists” that were criticizing them for moving walls, etc. she responded:

Unless the house is a museum, or you only spend a few weeks a year there, you just can’t live this way today.  And given how valuable the land is, the house would have been torn down.

Not a bad point Ronnie, not a bad point.  And how about that steely-marble sculpture??


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