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So, I don’t know if I’m the last person to have heard of  this, but Serious Materials Inc. has released a product called “EcoRock.”  It’s a very green alternative to drywall.  It’s said to use 80% less energy to create it, and it lives up to all of the same standards as a standard gypsum panel.  “Inhabitat” posted on EcoRock in November, and got some serious discussion going about the quality of the product.  Here’s some stats right off of

EcoRock: Superior Performance Attributes and Unique Green Characteristics

  • Meets 100% of ASTM C1396 physical drywall properties
  • Used just like gypsum drywall
  • Cleaner, smoother score & snap
  • Generates less dust than gypsum drywall
  • 50% more mold resistant face (fiberglass) and core
  • Termite resistant face and core
  • Impact resistant
  • Ceiling sag resistant
  • Tile backer board qualified
  • Generates no mercury in production
  • Can contribute up to 8 LEED credits

It sounds spectacular, and it’s supposed to be available right about now.  So check out how sweet it is at or, and let’s hope to be buying it soon.


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