Cool City #2: Vancouver

March 9, 2009 · Posted in Architecture Around the World 
Thom Quine

Thom Quine

Vancouver, Canada has officially been named our Cool City #2.  Especially for their efforts to make their 2010 Olympics the greenest yet.  Imagine capturing methane gas from a landfill to use for heating the Olympic Village.  That doesn’t sound like a fun job, but Vancouver plans on doing it.  Also, their Community Centre is going to be LEED platinum, while the other buildings in the village are going to be LEED gold.  Besides the Olympic efforts, Vancouver already leads the world in hydroelectric power; and is investing in solar, wave, tidal and wind power sources to reduce environmental impact.  I also read that they are using solar powered trash compactors in their waste baskets to minimize the amount of times their garbage trucks have to collect the waste.  Keep up the good work Vancouver.


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