Bonded Logic's Cotton Insulation

March 23, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized 
photo via Bonded Logics website

photo via Bonded Logic's website

Hugging insulation is not really something we see children doing every day.  The reason hugging is allowed here is that Bonded Logic has created an insulation using denim scraps from textile mills.  They figure they have saved about 200 tons of denim from landfills.  LEED credits are available because there are no VOC or off-gassing problems, cotton is a rapidly renewable resource, and UltraTouch is made of 85% post-industrial recycled content.  Also, to reach an R-value of 30 UltraTouch needs to be 8″ thick, while the typical Owens Corning Pink Fiberglass Insulation needs to be 9.5″ thick.  The only potential problem is water absorption, which would affect the R-value, but if water has reached your insulation that’s the least of your worries.  I’m always glad to see innovative products like UltraTouch.


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