Passive House Windows Part II

October 13, 2010 · Posted in Modern Construction 

I have some corrections to make about yesterday’s post.  Apparently, there are two ways to calculate the u-factor, and the values that I was looking at yesterday for AMSCO windows were calculated the easy way.  The U-factor in the graphs(taken from Energy Star’s website) above is also calculated using that method.  SO… some of the AMSCO windows would qualify to be Energy Star rated, but would not qualify for Passive House standards.  The U-value calculated using Btu’s has to be around .15, or so, to qualify for Passive Housing.  I did find two companies, and I’m sure there are more, that have windows that do qualify for Passive House standards: Serious Windows and Thermotech.  This is all a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo for most of us, tomorrow I promise to have pics of some pretty architecture.  But if you’re looking for more info check out this and this.


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