Shigeru Ban Architects Paper-Tube Structures

Shigeru Ban Architects is quickly becoming one of my favorite  architecture firms.  Besides designing beautiful houses, commercial projects, disaster relief projects and churches; they have become, what seems to be, experts in paper-tube structures.  The third picture from the bottom is the world’s first paper-tube space frame, built in 2006.  Their paper-tube structures are most impressive because they are so innovative as well as designed beautifully.  My favorite is pictured last- the owner of this Library of a Poet “felt that a paper library would be best suited to house paper books.”


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  1. natasha on January 5th, 2011 1:36 am

    Dear Sir,
    Could you please send me the details of Paper Tube Structures. I would like to get information and performance of the paper tube structures in the following contexts:-
    How are they better then steel and bamboo, in terms of ease of construction, energy consumption, consumption of green resources, their Life Cycle Analysis and ecological footprint?

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