Fire Sprinklers Anyone?? 2009 IRC Changes

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I just read that, according to the 2009 IRC Building Codes, all new homes after January 1, 2011 will be required to have fire sprinklers.  Some legistlation has been passed in Arizona and North Dakota to over-rule this code, but other states are embracing it.  I haven’t heard anything specific about Utah.  I think it’s kind of absurd.  It would most likely add some $5,000 dollars to the cost of new construction, and a false alarm could cost thousands more.  I have to admit, though, that I’m no expert on the subject, so maybe I’m missing something.  If anybody has some new info, please let me know.

Throwback to Cool City: London 1853

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I was on a hunt this morning for the first city to legislate against pollution.  I may be wrong, but the earliest thing that I could find was London in 1853.  The act was called the Smoke Nuisance Abatement Act.  It was pushed through the House by a man named Mr. Palmerston and their were, apparently, quite a few prosectutions of companies that didn’t adhere to the act.  If anyone knows of anything any earlier let me know.

There's Always Room For a Fantastic Staircase

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I stumbled upon this beauty of  a staircase and started wondering what the codes are for designing a floating staircase.  Most of the pressure is, obviously, in the engineering of the thing, but check out the IRC codes for staircases.  I don’t think this staircase would pass the “4 inch round sphere test,” although I could be wrong.