Neil M. Denari Architects' Alan-Voo House

November 17, 2010 · Posted in Architects, Modern Design · Comment 

I’m always glad to see design that stands out.  Asymmetry, diagonal lines and irregular volumes are dangerous tools for us humans, but Niel M. Denari Architects pulls it off in high style with the Alan-Voo house.  The project is a 1,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing home, and I want one just like it.

Caesarstone Pure White

October 19, 2010 · Posted in Modern Design · Comment 

When my wife and I redid our kitchen two years ago we wanted counter tops that were clean lined and white white white.  We ended up choosing Caesarstone’s Blizzard because it was the closest thing that we could get, but there is now an even whiter option.  I’ve heard that it’s very difficult to find, but for the look of a modern kitchen Caesarstone Pure White can’t be beat.

Poggenpohl Kitchens

October 15, 2010 · Posted in Modern Design · Comment 

Of all of the modern kitchen manufacturers, me and Poggenpohl tend to get along the best.  Their lines are very clean, the colors are great and- above all- the pictures they advertise with are stunning.  Even though they are out of Germany, there are several “kitchen design centers” here in the US.  To find the one nearest you check out this link.