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Marcel Breuer - East fire stair at the UNESCO Secretariat, Paris 1953. Via Subtilitas.

I can’t tell if it’s a photography blog or an architecture blog, but it doesn’t really matter.  My new favorite place to visit is Subtilitas.  The clean layout makes the photography even better.  This picture of a Marcel Breuer staircase is a masterpiece is it not??

Darco Magazine

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New magazines, books and other architectural literature are a few of my favorite things.  Today I discovered Darco Magazine.  It seems like a pretty new project from Portugal, but the text is in English- alongside Portuguese- and you can get full, free digital issuesTheir website needs a little bit more love, but they have a blogspot page that is great.  So check it out for yourself and see what Darco has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Houzz iPad App

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Houzz released a new iPad app a few days ago, and it could prove to be my ruin.  I “purchased” it on Friday (it’s free), and while my wife slept on the couch next to me I enjoyed some late late night browsing of the pictures that they have.  They’ve made some improvements that make it even easier to forget about eating and sleeping- 60,000 photos could take a while.

houzz- kitchen design, bathroom design, landscaping and more

Mark Magazine

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I’m not sure if I’m the only one who’s never seen Mark Magazine before, but it’s delightful.  If you’re willing to cough up the $120 for six issues a year- that’s assuming we can get them in the US- check out  There’s also a digital issue for about $50 / year.

Architecture Books

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I’ve been looking for a fabulous shop or website that offers a great selection of architecture books, but I keep going back to  For example, they have 101 listed books on Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.  I wish I could find some little store that could compete, but Amazon is quite amazing.  Another example: 489 books on Canadian Architeture.  I’d like to read those.  I worked for an architect who had a lot of books in a lobby, and I wanted to find a book on Richard Meier that he had… easy to find and at an unbeatable price.  So here’s to you Amazon- and your honestly, delightful selection of books on “architecture.”

The Architect's Newspaper

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The Architect’s Newspaper is looking like a great find.  The blog also seems to be very worthwhile.  Apparently, there is a New York edition to the newspaper and a California edition…  I’m not sure where Salt Lake City was forgotten, but BIG mistake.  I found myself cruising through their blog for quite a while.